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Premium high quality bread wheat flour

Refined flour of high grinding, consisting of the inner part of grains, works best for baking bread, since it gives it a large volume and a uniform porosity. A large number of confectionery products and various types of bread can be prepared of a premium high quality  wheat flour, such as, buns, pastries, cakes, pies, etc. Such sort of flour is ideal for making different types of dough, by which you can create many different culinary masterpieces. In addition you can prepare a large number of rich sauces and dressings on its basis.

First grade bread wheat flour

Fine flour with a high content of gluten, contains a small number of hull of grain. The dough made of this flour is being elastic, and the final products are of good shape, large volume, and pleasant taste. It is recommended to use it for baking lean dough products - for instance, pies, pancakes, dumplings and some types of pasta.

Wholewheat bread flour

Wholemeal flour is a raw flour, with a hull of grain, it is obtained as a result of a whole wheat one-sorted grinding, making it possible to preserve many healthy nutrients.
For a long time people used only whole grain bread, and white flour was used only for festive baking and it was considered as a culinary treat. Eating a lot of goodies, we got diseases of the 21st century - cancer, obesity, cardiovascular problems, diabetes. Bread from whole wheat flour has quite specific taste, it contains valuable dietary fibers, minerals and vitamins, it is healthy to eat such bread for people who are prone to food allergy, obesity, constipation, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal tract diseases.

Wheat flour of general purpose type m 55-23

Flour is produced from soft types of wheat. The color and appearance correspond to the premium high quality  flour, but it has the lower content of gluten.

Wheat flour of general purpose type m 75-23

Flour is produced from soft kinds of wheat. The color and appearance correspond to flour of the 1st grade, but it has a lower content of gluten. It is mainly used for baking table varieties of bread and lean dough flour products. Despite the fact that products made from such flour are darker than products made from high-grade flour, they contain more protein, vitamins, minerals, being characterized by good taste and pleasant bread flavor.