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The laboratory of our enterprise is furnished with modern equipment that makes it possible to monitor the quality both by national and European standards at all stages, from acceptance of raw materials to shipment of final products. The results obtained give a complete picture of the production process, and allow us to make adjustments promptly and purposefully, determining the quality of the final product.

One of the activities of our laboratory is a detailed study of the baking properties of flour produced by JSC Avangard, the development of new types of flour, both taking into consideration the wishes of our customers, and innovative solutions in the field of baked goods. It is important for us to understand how our flour will behave during processing, taking into account the recipe and production conditions of our clients. Working in this way, we can offer the best possible solutions and provide consultative support to consumers of our products.


Technological Infrastructure:

· Implementation of incoming control of incoming raw materials.

· Control over the technological process of final products production.

· Maintenance of technical and reference documentation (GOST, TU)

· Control over the storage and release of finished products.

- Instruments controlling determination of quality PHP-7

- plan sifters YI-EPA

- Measuring instrument of grain «Skib-M» и P3-BPL-CM

- Moisture analyzer «Elvis 2»

- Electric drying cabinet SESH-3M