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Our mill

Flour stock company Avangard takes the leading position on the market of wheat and rye flour in Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region. The advantage of the mills of Avangard is a wide range of flour at state standards and, moreover, production of speciality product which corresponds to the particular requirements of the customer. Current production facilities allow for the processing of up to 150 tons of wheat and rye per day. Current production facilities make it possible to process up to 150 tons of wheat and rye per day.

Our products

The main assortment of JSC Avangard is wheat bread flour of different quality grades, rye bread flour, bran, as well as bakery products. We also produce special types of flour with parameters ideally balanced for the production of specific products, including individual orders of our partners - bakers, confectioners, manufacturers of pasta products, frozen semi-finished products.

Our projects

JSC Avangard is a dynamically developing enterprise which invests earned profit in new technologies, equipment, construction. Avangard is open to joint projects with other investors in the fields of flour processing, bread production, wholesale trade

Our clients

Throughout our history the main value of JSC Avangard were and remain our customers! We are always open for new cooperation and new ideas. Our focus on long-term cooperation allows us to call our customers our friends!